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Musaada roadside assistance is a new distinguished special value added service now offered by Al-Sayer to ensure that all Toyota customers are never stuck on the road. One call and this new 7/24 service will get you moving whether you have a flat tyre, dead battery or have runout of fuel absolutely free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Musaada is a value added service provided by Mohammed Nasser Al Sayer & Sons Co.
  2. Musaada roadside assistance service is only for retail cars and it does not include commercial cars (Coaster and Dyna)
  3. Musaada is a roadside assistance different from the recovery service (Tow truck) . If any car needs to be repaired and completely dead at the street, the recovery service will do the needful if the vehicle requires to be taken to the nearest Toyota service outlet, however, Musaada service is to assist Toyota drivers without any charge when:
    • Tyre is flat
    • Battery is dead
    • Car is out of fuel
  4. Any additional expenses (Parts/additional repairs) are not covered by Musaada.
  5. Musaada is offered free to all customers still under warranty
  6. If Warranty is expired, then the tow truck will be sent instead.
    • General case:
      • If a customer is unsure what is the situation of the car whether its a dead battery or out of fuel, We will recommend to the customer sending the (Tow Truck)
    • Flat tyre case:
      • First thing is to double check if the spare tyre is available and functional. If she/he has a spare, Musaada van will come and do the work.
    • Battery case:
      • In case of a dead battery, Musaada van technicians will reach the customer and assist in rebooting the battery, if this does not work, the technician will advise the customer to call the call center again for recovery service (Tow Truck).
    • Out of fuel case:
      • If customer is in the situation of out of fuel, Musaada van comes to recover situation enabling customer reach the nearest gas station.